I tried a simple 10-step home workout, and it’s essential for anyone who sits all day

I tried an easy 10-step home workout that requires no equipment except a chair and would highly recommend it to anyone who sits all day.

Our modern lives have become increasingly sedentary over the years, whether it’s working in offices all day or more recently with the advent of working from home. But as such inactive lifestyles have been linked to health risks, it’s vital to get up when we can.

10-step home workout demonstrated by two physical therapists

Bob Schrupp and Brad Heinick are a pair of physical therapists who run the Bob & Brad YouTube channel, which has over five million subscribers and is dedicated to providing health and fitness guidance to those who may not be typical fitness fanatics.

In May 2020, the duo shared an easy at-home workout that requires no equipment except a chair and is great for beginners or those who may be a little out of shape.

This is really for beginners, Bob says at the beginning of the video. I’ve seen this before where they say, it’s for beginners, and then they’re doing advanced or moderate stuff. This is very easy, low level stuff.

Bob also reminds potential participants to keep breathing throughout and that if there are any of these [exercises] bother, don’t make them.

For a visual guide on how to complete the workout at home, watch Bob & Brads video below.

Training exercises

The video sees the happy couple perform a series of 10 simple exercises including:

  1. Ws | While sitting in a chair, raise your arms out to the side with your upper arms pointing out to the sides and your lower arms and wrists up (so that your arms and head form a W shape) before coming back to download them Complete 10 repetitions (reps) of this exercise.
  2. knee extensions | While sitting, just extend your lower leg straight. Complete 10 repetitions for each leg.
  3. Hip flexors | While sitting, lift your leg up from your hip. Complete 10 repetitions for each leg.
  4. Sit on the stands | From a seated position, raise your arms straight and stand up before lowering back into the chair. You can make it harder by raising your arms up in the air or easier by using the armrests to help you up if you need them. Complete five repetitions. If you want to push yourself, you can aim for 10.
  5. Hip abductions | While standing behind the chair to help balance, swing your leg out to the side, keeping your leg straight and your toes pointing forward. Complete 10 repetitions for each leg.
  6. hip extensions | While standing behind the chair for balance, raise your leg behind you to a 45-degree angle while maintaining an upright posture. Complete 10 repetitions for each leg.
  7. Raise your toes | While standing behind the chair for balance, lift the toes of both feet into the air and shift your weight toward your ankles. Complete 10 reps.
  8. The heel goes up | While standing behind the chair for balance, stand on your tiptoes to lift your heel into your hair. Complete 10 reps.
  9. Wall push-ups | While standing against a wall, place both hands against the wall and bend your arms to lean toward the wall, then extend your arms again to push away from the wall and into vertical position Complete 5-10 repetitions depending on your ability.
  10. angels | Standing with your back flat against a wall, raise your arms in the air above you and bring them back down, just like you would a snow angel on the floor. Complete 10 reps.
Bob and Brad | YouTube

I tried it

As someone who works from home, I’ll be the first to admit that I probably don’t exercise as much as I should, so a quick and easy workout to get me out of the office chair is something I’ve been looking for.

I’m still in my 20s, almost, and I play soccer once a week, so the drills in the Bob & Brads video didn’t cause me any pain in terms of difficulty. I agree that the workout is definitely suitable for beginners.

But even though the workout didn’t really get my heart pumping, I still found it extremely beneficial.

As a remote worker, it can be incredibly easy to sit in one place all day and never move.

The easy workout was a great way to get me out of the chair and stretch and use my muscles.

For that reason alone, it’s definitely something I’ll try to keep up with and would highly recommend to any remote worker, or indeed office worker who might spend all day sitting down.

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