Blind Albino Personal Trainer Shares Update After Being Forced To Quit Due To Lack Of Clients

A legally blind personal trainer, who was forced to quit the job he loves due to a lack of clients, has shared a heartwarming update that has the internet cheering him on.

Jason Nakhla, 48, is an Australian bodybuilding champion and has been working as a passionate trainer for over three decades. However, in February he posted an update about having to resign because he couldn’t find clients.

The Melbourne coach said coaching is what he is most passionate about and having to leave his job was causing him “a bit of depression”.

Jason Nakhla has been working as a personal trainer for over three decades

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“I’ve officially quit Goodlife (gym) so that means I’m officially unemployed as of now, and due to the lack of clients I’m unlikely to be a PT,” Jason told the TikTok video, which he uploaded a couple of days before his birthday.

The Australian International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB) lightweight champion was born with albinism and has been diagnosed with a couple of medical conditions, one of which is nystagmus, described by the Cleveland Clinic as a condition where the eyes make rapid and uncontrollable movements. He is legally blind as a result of the condition.

For “people who think [he’s] like a grandpa on steroids,” Jason explained that albinism is an inherited condition that results in very light skin, hair and eyes due to a lack of melanin in your body.

She shared a heartbreaking announcement with her followers in February this year about having to resign because she couldn’t find clients.

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“Everyone is a bit too sensitive and ‘you can’t say this and you can’t say that’. I have albinism. It is what it is,” the former social worker said of her condition as she spoke

“It doesn’t matter what you call it and how pretty you can make it sound,” he said. “Obviously I don’t like having the condition, but that’s what I have, I can’t, I can’t [sic] run away from him.”

As a teenager, Jason trained in his garage after being inspired by superheroes such as He-Man and the Incredible Hulk. Later, when a client said he wanted to get into lifting and bodybuilding, Jason decided to get into sports as well so he could practice what he preached.

Jason said he loved superheroes like He-Man and the Incredible Hulk when he was young

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“I was honest, and I said well, I’ve never actually seen a show. I have no idea what they do, so I can’t really help you, and I practice what I preach, so I can’t really teach you,” he tell the network “(But) we made a deal and I said I would do a competition and learn what I could, and then I could help her.”

The passion for personal training grew for Jason, who said that “it always felt good to help change people’s lives and not just the physical, because the physical part is the easy part.” Being a coach also helped him overcome several surgeries and setbacks in life.

After recently losing about 10 regular customers due to personal issues such as divorce and moving to different residences last year, Jason struggled to replace them and went through emotional turmoil as he had to resign .

“Last year was just a financial loss and it was a very bad year,” he told the outlet.

“I always live my life thinking that if you follow what you’re passionate about, you don’t really worry about the money, the money will come because you’re doing something you love…but last year was different,” he continued .

The bodybuilding champion said he faced financial struggles after losing clients and then being unable to replace them with new ones.

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He lamented in his TikTok ad that people prefer young people to train them while he has years of experience and even an IFBB champion title.

“It’s so strange because I’ve got over 30 years of training experience… I’ve worked with the best in the business and the best exercise physiologists in Australia, and it all seems to amount to nothing, as people would rather go to a 20-year-old who just finished the course and he’s making $10 less,” the coach said in the video.

“It’s really hard to be cheerful right now, life is hard and I honestly don’t feel like myself,” she added. “With no job, no income, no purpose, it’s a tough time right now.”

Jason, who shared his story in a YouTube video last year, had an exciting update to share just weeks after the February announcement.

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Jason said he has received an outpouring of love since posting his heartbreaking announcement.

“I was kind of surprised, just like the endless amount of comments and feedback from people coming up and things like that… it’s good to know there are people out there,” she told the outlet.

“I didn’t really want to post it and I was going to delete it very soon because I’m usually a very positive person and I don’t really like negative things,” she said. “But you know, I’ve also been very honest and upfront with my customers and my fans.”

On April 17, Jason had an even better announcement to share with his followers, revealing that he would be taking up a new job at Snap Fitness Melbourne CBD.

“I’m excited to announce that from April 29th I’ll be working at Snap Fitness Melbourne CBD. So if you’re in the area or have always wanted to train with an Aussie champion, now is the time. PM me for details. I hope see you there soon,” he wrote on TikTok.

The coach told his adoring fans that he had found a new job and invited the people of the area to train with an Australian champion.

@jasonnakhla I’m excited to announce that from April 29th I’ll be working at Snap Fitness Melbourne CBD. So if you’re in the area or have always wanted to train with an Australian champion, now is the time. Email me for details. I hope to see you there soon. #snapfitness #gym #fitness #workout #personaltrainer ♬ original sound – JasonNakhla

People in the comments section congratulated the coach and wished him the best in his new job.

“Fantastic news mate! Hope all goes well!” he commented, to which Jason replied, “I’m so excited bro, thanks.”

“You are an inspiration my man! an amazing physique and you are the people’s champion,” read another comment.

“Thank you my friend, that means a lot,” the personal trainer replied.

Fans dubbed Jason the ‘people’s champion’ and showered him with love after his happy update


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