We just found a workout jumpsuit that’s really flattering

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With the summer of 2024 just around the corner, one question is plaguing the Cut Style team: What does one wear for daily walks and trips to Trader Joes when the New York City weather turns unbearably hot? ? The exercise suit has been good to us for years, it’s breathable, easy to style and nice for thick thighs, but maybe it’s time to change things up. As one Cut editor put it in our Slack group chat: It’s a wrap! We need to let go of the exercise suit.

The answer? A romper The Aritzia Butter Sway Romper is a new take on one-piece activewear that offers the same benefits as an exercise suit. The under-$80 piece is part of Aritzias’ newly launched Golden line, luxury activewear handcrafted with high-performance fabrics and thoughtful design details. Available in four colors (light pink, turquoise, brown, and black) and sizes XXS to XL, the Butter Sway Romper features sweat-wicking fabric, a scoop neckline with supportive straps, and flattering shorts that reach the mid thigh area.

Aritzia Butter Sway Romper

This largely depends on personal preference and body type, but in general, bodysuits like the Aritzia Butter Sway Romper are best for weightlifting or low-impact workouts like Pilates and yoga. (We recommend wearing a supportive sports bra underneath if you’re wearing it for a workout that involves running or jumping.) Several editors also said this jumpsuit holds up well in hot workout classes thanks to the sweat-wicking material.

The Butter Sway Romper is tight but comfortable. Most of our editors said it ran true to size.

The options are endless! In mild spring weather, we recommend styling the Butter Sway Romper with oversized zip-up jackets, hoodies and Princess Diana crewnecks. You can also throw a denim jacket on top if you prefer a more fitted look. In summer, style the jumpsuit alone with high socks and sneakers, or add a ballet-inspired bolero if you want extra coverage but don’t want to sweat.

Here, nine Cut editors with different body types and workout routines put the puzzle to the test. Keep scrolling to read our in-depth reviews.

Photo: Hanna Flanagan

First thing’s first, I never in a million years thought I’d willingly post a photo of myself in a tight jumpsuit on the internet. In fact, it looks like my worst nightmare. I never buy things like this; I usually prefer compression leggings and loose tanks that allow me to focus on my workouts without worrying about how my body looks. So imagine my surprise when I slipped this baby on and felt super confident? It fits the body without clinging, and I love the low back detail. Made from a blend of nylon and elastane that’s somewhere between compression fabric and cotton, this jumpsuit is as soft as its name suggests while still offering a good amount of support. I’ll probably never wear it alone or to a workout class (it’s me, after all!). But I’ll definitely be wearing it with a zip up or hoodie for every hot girl outing from here on out, especially since it has sweat wicking properties.

Photo: Bianca Nieves

I’m not a monkey girl, but I could be. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable. You need very specific underwear to wear underneath because it’s incredibly tight. I was wearing cotton panties, hence my posture of trying to cover myself up. Overall, I would recommend it. I wore it around the house and running errands, but I’m curious to see how it would hold up to my regular Core Power yoga class, because I feel like the sweat stains would be a bit much.toovisible

Photo: Asia Milia Ware

I am obsessed with Aritzia jumpsuits and have been for about a year now. I have several colors and styles that I love to wear because the material is like a second skin. This one was no different, although at first glance I thought it would be too short. It’s still a bit shorter than I prefer because I have a lot of thigh; a stallion, I would say. But the shorts don’t roll up over my thighs, which is rare for a jumpsuit like this. I’ll likely wear it alone for workouts or style it with an oversized blazer or button down if I’m wearing it outside during the summer.

Photo: Danielle Cohen

Straight out of the package, this was, as promised, buttery smooth. it is not enough as flattering as I’d like something this tight to be, but it’s comfortable as hell, and it held up surprisingly well in a hot yoga class. I expected the fabric to stick, but I barely felt it. The only downside: As with many bike shorts, I found the shorts to ride up a bit. I washed it hot and air dried it, and it’s still as soft as when it arrived. Now that New York is in warm weather mode, I plan on layering it under a breezy button-up for a walk in the park.

Photo: Brooke LaMantia

It fits perfectly. It was so soft and comfortable. I have some of the bike shorts tags on a 7 and it was a bit shorter than that but it didn’t ride up at all so I didn’t mind. I would totally buy this and wear it under a button up or tank top all summer, especially since I’ve retired most of my workout clothes. I also wore it to a hot yoga class and it was great for that. It made me feel safe, but it was light enough that it wouldn’t suffocate me.

Photo: Chinea Rodríguez

I’ve tried a few different pieces from the Aritzias activewear line and so far everything has been soft and comfortable, but still supportive and thick without too much compression. This fur is easy to move and train without it getting up or feeling too restrictive. I would recommend trying it though; I feel like I could have sized down a bit for a tighter fit. The cut-out details in the back were lower on me than the model, so I have to avoid wearing anything high-waisted underneath. Other than that, the buttery soft romper lives up to its name.

Photo: Danya Issawi

I’m going to say what all the other editors have said this bodysuit is soooo soft and surprisingly fits me well. I wish the shorts were a little longer, but this is a great little dress to lounge in. The back is a lot open, so if you’re not comfortable with that, this jumpsuit might not be for you. I thought about working out in this, but I really don’t think there’s enough support for any kind of activity besides that may be Pilates or walking. Absolutely no downward dogs for me in this if I try to stay decent. I think this set will be a summer staple for me when it’s really hot outside and I feel like it false get dressed and not worry about sweating.

Photo: Maridelis Morales Rosado

The bodysuit is incredibly soft. I’m short, so I was worried it would be too long for my body, but to my surprise, it fit almost perfectly (except for the straps that occasionally fall to the sides). It doesn’t have support, so I wear a sports bra underneath when I wear it for running. I love the color and it’s flattering, but I wouldn’t wear it outdoors without layering it with an oversized hoodie or jacket.

Photo: Emily Leibert

Aritzia wasn’t kidding when she christened this romper with butter. I’ve taken it all over town to the grocery store, to workouts, to drop off laundry, and to the park. It’s comfortable without being suffocating and holds you in place without completely reshaping your body. It seems like me, a little more jaded. On the support side of things, I’m working with a large chest, and while I wouldn’t necessarily wear this for a run or hyper-intense HIIT workout, I felt snug enough to wear the romper without a sports bra for yoga, pilates, and more more stable workouts Although I classed the jumpsuit as activewear, I found myself reaching for it mostly when I needed a cute, comfortable errand dress, paired with a hoodie and white socks for a 90s Princess Diana moment .I want it in every color and I would spend money on it.

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