They were investigating mental health insurance denials in California. What should we know?

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California law requires insurance plans to cover medically necessary mental health and addiction treatment. This doesn’t always happen.

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Four years ago, California leaders passed a new law to make insurance companies pay for medically necessary mental health and addiction treatment.

Despite this, today, insurance companies still sometimes refuse to pay for the necessary treatments.

CalMatters wants your help in learning about this issue. We want to hear from patients, family members, health care providers, advocates, policy makers, regulators and people who currently or previously worked for or with insurance companies.

If your insurance company has denied you mental health or addiction treatment that your doctor says you need, or if you have other information related to this issue, please take the survey below and share your story with us.

Our reporters will read every submission and are committed to protecting your privacy. Nothing you share will be published without your knowledge and consent. If you prefer, you can email our reporter, Jocelyn Wiener, directly at or via Signal at jocelynwiener.14.

patients: Has your health insurance company refused to pay for an intensive service to treat mental illness or addiction, even though your doctor says it’s medically necessary?

Doctors: Are insurers willing to pay for the mental health and addiction treatment you think your patients need?

Insurers: If you have worked for or with health insurers or regulators, either now or in the past, we want to hear from you. Tell us what works and what doesn’t.

Unaffected? You can still help. Share this on your social media and send it to local nonprofits that advocate for people with mental illness or addiction in your community.

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