Popular on TikTok, can this dance to burn belly fat really make you lose weight? (VIDEO)

NEW YORK, April 28 Moving your pelvis back and forth repeatedly and regularly is supposed to help you burn belly fat and lose weight. This dance-like exercise, popular on TikTok, is known in various guises, but can it really help you lose your loves, as the many videos showing the move suggest?

TikTok is full of videos showing young women moving their pelvises back and forth energetically. Called Chinese dance to burn belly fat or other such names, the practice was popularized in March 2021 by a sports coach named wanyomori4515, followed by almost 10 million users on TikTok. According to the instigator of this trend, the repetition of these movements helps burn belly fat and promote weight loss. In fact, his account is entirely dedicated to this activity. He posts before-and-after videos, like this one of a girl, which has been viewed eight million times. The video claims that the girls’ weight went from 57 to 36 kg thanks to this pelvic movement. Another video claims that a woman lost more than 50 kg thanks to this technique.

@wanyomori4515 It’s ok to be fat, you always get thinner when you exercise! Effort does not betray you! #trainer #training #diet #china Kiat Jud Dai – DJMuchY

Since then, netizens from other countries have copied this move, claiming to have lost weight quickly thanks to this dance to burn belly fat, as can be seen in a video posted by Adaoras_space.

Selling a fantasy?


While it may be tempting to try this exercise as a way to lose belly fat and slim down, it’s not as effective as you might think. Juliana Massamba, dietitian, nutritionist and sports trainer from Paris, warns against these supposed physical transformations, which she believes sell a fantasy. Contacted by ETX Majelan, she explains: You can’t target weight loss only on the stomach. Regarding the kilos supposedly burned, the sports trainer wants to point out that several factors must be taken into account: To lose weight, it is above all what you eat. Surely these people must follow a diet and practice other physical activities.

Another important point is that people who are overweight or have back problems should avoid this dance. In fact, this movement could cause physical damage to his already fragile spine, according to the sports coach. She explains: By repeatedly flexing their already fragile spine, they are putting stress on the discs in the back. She continues: The discs in the back are little cushions in the spine that keep our bones from rubbing against each other. When frequently flexed, these discs tighten and cause compression throughout the spine. The expert emphasizes that a correct alignment of the spine is crucial for the practice of a physical activity.

If you want to lose weight and lose belly fat at the same time, a varied and balanced diet combined with regular exercise is the best way to go. And it doesn’t necessarily have to involve high-intensity sports like running. I recommend my patients to walk quite regularly, which is as effective as running, says Juliana Massamba. In fact, walking at least 30 minutes a day can have a positive effect on weight. Walking-based sports such as rucking or YogiWalkie may also be suitable.


Juliana Massamba points out that stress can also be an important factor in weight loss. When we want to lose weight, stress increases, which increases levels of cortisol (the stress hormone, editor’s note), which can often lead to weight gain. She concludes: Everyone goes at their own pace. You have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and listen to your body first and foremost. This type of exercise should not be relied upon for weight loss either. ETX study

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