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Terry streamlines travel workouts with supersets.

Maintaining a workout routine while traveling can be challenging. Reigning Mens Physique Olympia champion Ryan Terry posted a video on his YouTube channel sharing her anti-jet-lag travel workout routine from South Korea.

At this point in the offseason, Terry trains each muscle group twice a week. However, that division changes as it moves on to prepare for its first title defense at the Olympia, scheduled for October 10-13, 2024 in Las Vegas, NV.

Ryan Terrys Biceps, Triceps and Abs Travel Workout

Here’s a recap of Terrys 45-minute training session:

Check it out below:

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Giant Set of GHD Crunches, Preacher Curls, Oblique Crunches and Parallel Bar Dips

Terry targets his biceps, triceps and abs in one giant set by performing three or more consecutive exercises without rest to maximize efficiency. The British bodybuilder opened up with GHD abs to skew his midline.

With his hips off the pads of the benches and his arms crossed over his chest, Terry lowered his torso to nearly 45 degrees before standing fully upright. He employed slow eccentrics during preacher curls and paused in the fully shortened position.

Training in the shortened position may seem like an extra boost, but training in the shortened or lengthened position has been shown to promote hypertrophy in the preacher curls. (1)

The 35-year-old switched to the oblique machine to train his obliques and serratus anterior. Sitting with his chest pressed against the pad, Terry gripped the handles in a neutral grip.

Terry’s chest was at two o’clock on the bench in the starting position. Exhaling forcefully, he initiated a controlled spin, bringing his torso explosively to the left side. After a pause at the maximal contraction, he slowly and deliberately returned to the starting position. He repeated on the opposite side.

Terry kept the torso upright during parallel bar dips to load the lateral and medial triceps heads. He used a slow rep cadence on the descent and exploded through the concentrics with a pause in the fully shortened position.

Superset Cable Tricep Pushdowns & Rope Curls

This superset consists of 15 to 20 reps of cable tricep push-ups followed immediately by rope curls with 30 seconds of rest between sets. Terry gripped the incline bar with an overhand grip, keeping the torso straight and elbows tucked in to bias the medial and lateral triceps heads. He locked his elbows at the bottom of their range of motion.

Cable rope curls with a neutral grip target the biceps brachii, brachii, and brachioradialis. They offer a larger and thicker aesthetic to the arms. Terry kept the hands together in the starting position and spread them apart in the concentric phase to ensure that the head of the biceps brevis moved the weight.

Superset weighted machine crunches and obliques

Weighted crunches focus on the upper and lower abs and help build that thickness in the midsection, Terry said. In each superset, he performed eight to ten repetitions with progressively heavier weights.

Terry performed oblique crunches on a hyperextension bench, focusing on controlled dips to achieve a deep stretch. He recommends doing oblique crunches every three to four weeks, as overdoing them can cause unwanted widening of the lower abs.

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