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The individual quarter-finals are past and full of criticism, and only yesterday was the classification finalized and made official. After unconventional video submissions (or the lack of) and a slew of penalties, there are a few notable CrossFit athletes who didn’t make the cut and won’t be competing in the semifinals this year.

CrossFit recently announced that the rankings are officially closed and the scores have been analyzed. For some reason, this year has been receiving more criticism from sportsmen and sports lovers than any other in recent memory.

CrossFit doubled the video submissions for the quarterfinals, and its judging team has been handing out penalties to athletes like Santa Claus handing out presents to children in Rovaniemi. According to The Barbell Spin, a total of 348 athletes received a penalty after video review of Workout 1.

With those penalties, the great Tia-Clair Toomey, who never lost a quarterfinal, went from 1.St to 7th in his region, and 28th around the world. But he still made it to the semi-finals, something only crazy people would bet against.

Source: Tia-Clair Toomey’s Instagram

However, the story was very different from other notable athletes around the world. Below you will find the athletes who did not reach the semi-finals after qualifying for the quarter-finals.

List of notable athletes who did not make the CrossFit semifinals

Before entering the list, it is important to remember the rules. According to the rules, the top 40 athletes from each of the 7 regions receive an invitation to the semi-finals.

The regions are:

  • asia
  • Africa
  • europe
  • North America East
  • North America West
  • South America
  • oceania

Okay, now onto the list of notable athletes who didn’t make it to the CrossFit semifinals.


mindset strategies for Crossfit Perfect Total Body WorkoutSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.
Katrin Davidsdottir
  • Paige Powers (USA) 4x Athlete of the Games, 10th in 2023.
  • Sydney Wells (USA) 1x Athlete of the Games, 28 years oldth in 2023.
  • Matilda Garnes (Norway) 3x Games athlete, 33 years oldrd in 2023.
  • Camilla Salomonsson (Sweden) 4x Athlete of the Games, 23 years oldrd in 2020.
  • Katrin Davidsdottir (USA) 2x fittest woman on Earth, 10x Games athlete, 7 yearsth in 2023.

Of the names on the list, the most shocking is Katrin Davidsdottir. However, unlike the other athletes, Davidsdottir did not even compete in the quarterfinals due to a back injury.

The other surprising athlete who didn’t make it is Paige Powers, who finished 10thth The fittest woman on Earth last year. At just 21 years old, he has already made it to the Games 4 times (twice as a teenager always ending up with a bronze medal). He began his 2022 run by going to the finals as a singles player for the first time and finishing place After finishing 10th last year, this was the year to keep the momentum going. Although she started strong in the open with a 66th placement worldwide, finished 100th in eastern North America, 60 points from the cutting line.


  • Sam Stewart (Ireland) 2x Athlete of the Games, 6th in 2023 (team).
  • David Shorunke (United Kingdom) 3x Games athlete, 29 years oldth in 2023.
  • Willy George (France) 3x Games athlete, 17 years oldth in 2022
  • Nick Matthew (USA) 2x Athlete of the Games, 19 years oldth in 2023

Nick Matthew became famous in his first appearance at the Games in 2022 wearing his top and training. After another year going to the Games, it was natural to guess that he would reach the semi-finals, at least. However, he was heavily penalized for Practice 1 which put him at 531St for this event, crushing his chances of returning and continuing his CrossFit season.

Sam Stewart is another athlete that people are familiar with. Like Matthew, Stewart was penalized during Practice 1 and his 184 validated reps put him at 1063rd placement for the event. In total, the Irish athlete finished 207th in the European quarter-finals, well below the line of 40 athletes.

Winners of the 2023 CrossFit Quarterfinals

After the dust has settled, at least we know for sure the winners of this year’s CrossFit quarterfinals: Jonne Koski and

Jonne Koski of Finland beat defending champion Jeff Adler of the Fittest Men on Earth by 12 points, although the Canadian athlete took the win in the final world practice.

On the women’s side, it was Canadian Emma Lawson who took the symbolic victory from Alexis Raptis by just 2 points.

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