Jon Gosselin raves about weight-loss drug after losing 32 pounds in 2 months and quitting drinking

Jon Gosselin shared an update on his weight loss journey after starting semaglutide, the generic form of Ozempic, in February.

During an interview with Page Six on Thursday, the “Jon & Kate Plus 8” alum, 47, revealed that she lost 32 pounds in two months since starting the type 2 diabetes drug, which is prescribed off-label for weight loss. .

“You know what’s annoying? The regret of not starting 10 years ago,” Gosselin said. “I feel amazing! Like, why didn’t I do this sooner? Maybe it wasn’t the right time.”

Jon Gosselin lost 32 pounds on medication. (Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Since their highly publicized 2009 divorce, Gosselin and his ex-wife Kate have engaged in a series of court battles over custody and child support.


“There was a lot going on emotionally and I went to court a lot, which was very expensive,” Gosselin explained. “It wasn’t a good time in my life. But now I finally have time to focus on myself.”

Gosselin told the outlet that using semaglutide had allowed him to stop drinking and develop healthier eating habits.

“It’s really nice because it helped me stop drinking and it helped me control my appetite with less food. I was able to refocus my diet that way,” she explained. “I just focused on consuming what I need to consume in a healthy way.”

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The former reality star said she was able to stop drinking because of taking semiglutide. (Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Gosselin spoke to Page Six while attending the opening of the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center West Hollywood on Thursday night. She told the outlet that she often gets body contouring and fat removal treatments since she started taking semiglutide.

“I do CellSound, which they offer here. Their ultrasound visceral fat removal, and that can be the most difficult type of fat to remove,” Gosselin said.

“You can do a million sit-ups, but sometimes you just can’t tighten that skin,” she added. “But with this, you can just lay on the table and approach your target. I was afraid it might hurt before I tried it, but I’m happy to report that it doesn’t.”


While she enjoys the benefits of non-invasive treatments, Gosselin told the company she would never opt for cosmetic surgery.

Gosselin revealed that she was starting the medication with her daughter Hannah in February. (Alberto E. Rodríguez/Getty Images for WE tv)

“When it comes to actual surgery like lipo[suction], I think, hell no. I would never do anything invasive to my body that I don’t need to do,” she said.

“If I have to run or do the elliptical or the Peloton or anything like that, that’s up to me. But I would never have voluntary surgery because I was lazy,” he continued. ‘That’s how I see it. I’m not super overweight. I just said, dude, you need to stop eating fries. You just have to stop eating drive-thru.”


In late February, Fox News Digital confirmed that Jon and his 19-year-old daughter Hannah were ready to start taking semaglutide and undergo CellSound therapy.

“I just feel complacent about my health,” Gosselin told Entertainment Tonight at the time, admitting that she had gained a significant amount of weight.

Kate Gosselin in a black dress with a short choppy haircut smiles next to Jon Gosselin in a brown blazer and dark sweater

Jon and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin share eight children together. They divorced in 2009. (Amy Sussman/WireImage for Discovery Communications)

Gosselin attributed the weight gain to her unconventional job and travel schedule as a DJ. “Vegas, Miami… I go to places where I’m twice as big as everybody else,” she told ET about how her weight affects her profession.

“This is the first time I had to buy XL!” she said, referring to her jacket. “And the XL doesn’t really fit me, because I’m short. I’m 5’8… the sleeves are too long. Like, you have to have clothes tailored. Why should I go through that, when I could change the my lifestyle?”


Gosselin added that the desire to look better, along with a frightening family history, was the ultimate motivation to address her weight concerns.

“Heart disease runs in my family. My father had congestive heart failure. He died almost 18 years ago,” Gosselin explained. “She died at 62 and her father at 65, so I keep track of that kind of thing.”

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