International Dance Day 2024: Weight loss for heart health; the incredible benefits of dance are explained

Dance is considered a timeless art form that has captivated hearts for centuries. It goes beyond movements, rather it is a beautiful form of creative expression, which fills you with boundless joy. From relieving stress, burning calories to helping you stay fit naturally, the benefits of dancing abound. Whether dancing alone or in the company of others, it cultivates social connections, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. If there’s one way to control weight, beat stress and loneliness, and increase happiness, it’s dancing. (Also Read | Fat Burner Workouts For Summer: 5 Fun Exercises To Get Lean In Hot Weather)

International Dance Day is celebrated every year to raise awareness of the importance of this art form and encourage people to pursue it for better physical and mental health. (Freepik)

International Dance Day is celebrated every year to raise awareness of the importance of this art form and encourage people to pursue it for better physical and mental health. This year, it is celebrated on Monday, April 29.

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Dancing is a great way to burn calories and stay physically active. It can also tone muscles, make the body more flexible and improve heart health. Here are some of the amazing benefits of dancing in terms of calorie burning and overall health, as explained by Dr Sunil Chaudhary, Consultant Internal Medicine, Fortis Escorts, Okhla Road, New Delhi.

Wonderful benefits of dance

1. Burn calories: Dancing can be an effective way to burn calories depending on the intensity and duration of the dance session. The number of calories burned can vary depending on factors such as the type of dance, your weight and the intensity of your movements. For example, energetic dances such as salsa, hip-hop or aerobic dance can burn a significant amount of calories in a short period.

2. Cardiovascular health: Dancing is a great cardiovascular exercise that gets the heart pumping and improves circulation. Dancing regularly can help reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular fitness.

3. Muscle toning: Different dance styles involve different muscle groups, helping to tone and strengthen your body. For example, ballet strengthens the legs and core, while salsa and ballroom dancing work the legs, hips and upper body. While you’re dancing, you’re essentially doing resistance training, which can lead to improved muscle tone and definition.

4. Flexibility and balance: Dance involves a wide range of movements that improve flexibility and balance. Over time, you’ll notice greater flexibility in your joints and muscles, reducing the risk of injury and improving overall mobility.

5. Improved mood: Dancing has been shown to boost mood and reduce stress levels. The combination of physical activity, rhythmic movement and music releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals, which can help relieve feelings of anxiety and depression.

6. Social interaction: Many forms of dance, such as ballroom, salsa or group fitness classes, involve social interaction. Dancing with others can improve social connections, improve communication skills, and foster a sense of community and belonging.

7. Weight management: Dancing regularly can contribute to weight management by burning calories and increasing metabolism. When combined with a balanced diet, dancing can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Whether you’re dancing alone in your room, taking a dance class, or hitting the dance floor with friends, embrace the joy of movement and reap the many health benefits of dancing.

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