“I tried the Tracy Anderson method in her first studio in London”

I’m dripping with sweat. My pink activewear is at least two shades darker, the salt stings my eyes and burns my ass. I’m at Tracy Anderson’s inaugural studio in London, and I have two things on my mind: one) why didn’t I wear black? and two) why isn’t anyone saying anything?

Okay, the study is hot, and J Los Papi is blaring over the speakers, but trainer Kristin Elliott hasn’t said a word since the music started, and as she starts hopping from side to side while looking smugly at me in the mirror, I have no choice but to try to imitate their movements. It turns out there is a method behind this apparent madness.

Tracy Anderson, 49, is the woman Gwyneth Paltrow called a pint-sized miracle after Anderson helped her lose weight in 2006. Since she was photographed post-workout with Paltrow and Madonna in 2008, Anderson is now almost as famous as the faces she worked with. with (Victoria Beckham, J Lo and Olivia Wilde to name a few). In fact, if you’re reading this, I’ll bet you an in-home subscription to Anderson SURRENNE’s new London studio, an exclusive members-only health club in Knightsbridge, which costs €10,000 a year, plus a fee of registration of 5,000 you have heard of it.

Search for her signature workout, the #TracyAndersonMethod, on IG and you’ll find an impressive 192,000 posts, dating back to the 1990s. It is this staying power that is most compelling to me. Fitness trends come and go, but the Tracy Anderson Method (TAM, for short) has stood the test of time for decades. I was told it was born out of a five-year research study conducted by Anderson on 150 women, who investigated how to move effectively without hurting your body. Now, the method is taught at eponymous studios in New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, the Hamptons and, for example, London.

“London has always been a city close to my heart and central to my career. I spent a lot of time there training with Gwyneth [Paltrow] over the years, and marked the beginning of my Method becoming a global practice,” Anderson tells me.

“The London Studio at SURRENNE is a dream space and captures the intention I have for all Tracy Anderson studios around the world: an elevated experience that feels bespoke.”

It’s a move many have anticipated with my colleague telling me with envy that he loved Anderson’s fitness DVD back in the day, while others eagerly ask me if I can get them into a class. If you’re also intrigued, here are nine things he told me about his approach to exercise and why his famous method is so effective.

Tracy Anderson’s first London studio is located in the members-only club Surrenne

12 Tracy Anderson classes are included with an annual subscription to SURRENNE. Additional classes are $40 per session for SURRENNE members, or $50 for Berkley or Emory Hotel guests. You can also try the Tracy Anderson method on her app, for 71 ($90) a month.

1. Tracy Anderson’s coaches are silent from the beginning to the end of classes

tracy anderson

Tracy Anderson’s trainers are silent during classes and clients mimic her moves

“I could write a book about this. My decision not to speak is part of a larger physical philosophy that celebrates the natural wisdom of your body. There are so many aspects of modern life that distance you from your body: technology, food junk, sitting at a desk all day.

“My class is the only time of the day when I am fully in my body, no distractions, nothing to numb the moment. Being present in your body is the best thing you can do for your health. I want everyone to be fully present in class

“There are tons of studies that show that being in your body without verbal instructions actually improves physical performance, increases your metabolism, and increases your coordination. It makes sense: When you’re not distracted by what the coach is saying, you can hear what your body is telling you There’s no translation between what you’re hearing and what your body is doing instinctively It’s a really powerful thing, especially for creating a movement practice that stands the test of time.

tracy anderson

2. But each class is choreographed to a specific playlist

‘Music is fundamental to my method. I am a lot intentional with my playlists as it is essential for me to choreograph to deeply authentic and truthful music. When music resonates with me on a deep level, I know it will enhance all the deep work that was done in class. I often mix different genres and play with rhythms to take you on a journey through the rhythmic patterns of your own body. Music and mind are harmonious.

“I tell my clients to express each movement in their own way while honoring the choreography. I use music to unlock that freedom and infuse the movement with meditative energy.

“Music evokes resilience when it’s carefully chosen to speak to us, rather than drown us out. Many fitness experiences play music and shout at you, or inject you with their narrative, leading to a very poor understanding of your own mind during the time when you need to connect the most.

3. All studios are heated (but there are fans)

Our signature heat and humidity systems are calibrated to create the ideal environment for your body to move. This warms up your muscles and loosens up your entire body so you experience new ranges of motion in your body. This also signals your thermoregulatory system and your mind to prepare for some healthy stress. It’s never overheated or uncomfortably humid—the goal is for the climate to free up space for the body, not exhaust it with extremes.

“Another reason for the heat is that sweating is a very important ritual for holistic health, as you sweat out toxins from your body. And the secret to beautiful skin texture at any age is a good sweat. I always tell my clients that what you can do for your skin is to sweat every day.

Tip: All studios have fans that trainer Kristin tells me you can claim as your own for an entire session, if you’re not used to the heat.

4. The TA method uses light weights and high repetitions over intense progressive overload

tracy anderson

The Tracy Anderson method uses 1kg dumbbells and signature ankle weights

‘There are movements and mega trends [around weightlifting] that I would never put my body My method plays with tension, resistance and healthy stress that is regenerative, not degenerative.

“If you constantly perform the same repetitive movements and simply add more weight each time, you will experience two things: 1) over-stimulation of larger muscle groups, increased chance of injury, muscle imbalance, overuse and joint degeneration, and 2 ) limited range of motion.

“That said, my training is much more complex than just ‘light weights, high reps’ – it’s a dynamic experience that invites your body to explore new planes of motion, lengthening, mobility and longevity of every muscle in your body (including -there are the smaller accessory muscles that are often neglected in everyday life).

“I dislike the tendency in the fitness industry to compartmentalize the body into discrete parts and only target those areas. If we want to cultivate health and balance throughout the beautifully interconnected system that is the body, we must moving in ways that integrate our whole physical and experiential self.

5. Classes are made up of two components: arms + sequences

tracy anderson

Tracy Anderson Method classes are divided into segments using different equipment, including resistance bands attached to the ceiling.

‘Each class is a unique experience. No two weeks are the same as I am constantly calculating, creating and strategically developing the conversation with your body for lasting results.

‘Each class has two acts: the opening ceremony and the sequences. I start with your arms on purpose. Conductors live 38 percent longer than the general population, which experts say stems from the positive cardiovascular effects of their dynamic arm movements. My signature arms release tension, stir circulation, awaken spinal potential and positioning, and reduce stress throughout your body, preparing you for the rest of your workout. There is a reason for everything in the Method, down to the smallest details.

6. There are no established rest periods in classes

“There are no extended rest periods in my workouts (besides short intervals to change weights or transition between standing and set movements). But anyone can take a break at any point during a workout—it’s designed as a sequence for each client to explore at their own pace. Any given exercise can feel energizing or challenging depending on where you are in your body, so I encourage people to feel it for themselves and choose to rest and grow on your own terms.

“That said, every movement involves a dynamic weight transfer on the mat, starting in one position and ending in another. It’s easy to get hung up on getting from A to B, but I challenge my clients to focus how they move through each weight transfer to engage all parts of the body. By staying dynamic and fluid throughout the class, you’ll increase balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength while reducing the risks of strain and injury. You never need a day off from this practice because I am a fully regenerative practice that never sinks into degeneration.

7. Dance is the basis of every TA Method class

tracy anderson

The Tracy Anderson method incorporates elements of dance

“Incorporating dance into my classes was an organic part of the development of my method. My roots are in dance: my concentration is choreography. My mother was a dancer, and I grew up dancing, eventually moving to New York to train full-time as a dancer before entering the world of fitness as a unique person who believes that choreography is vital to knowing the body you most inhabit.

“The Tracy Anderson Method was deeply informed by my dance background and emphasis on physical intelligence and precision of movement. The dance element isn’t just a super fun way to move your body—the method takes many dance principles such as articulation, bending, alignment and expressiveness to lengthen, strengthen and preserve healthy joints.

8. Classes last 30, 60 or 90 minutes

Our three levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) last 30 minutes or 60 minutes, and some options 90 minutes. These levels are designed for you to explore throughout your life.

‘Health is not a destination, it’s a practice. Many of my advanced clients are incredibly accomplished busy people who may not have 90 minutes to exercise each day, so I’ll tell them to squeeze in a beginner when they only have half an hour to move.

9. The classes are designed to be done 4 to 7 times a week

“I live by one rule: move your body every day. Whether you’re in the studio with me or out and about, getting in tune with your physical self every day is a non-negotiable for health and longevity .

“For people who want to maintain their peak physical well-being (and preserve their longevity in motion for years to come), I recommend taking my class four to seven times a week. For people who can’t go to the studio every week, I share all my new choreography on The Online Studio, my virtual fitness platform that includes everything you need to create a holistic health lifestyle: new classes for three levels every week, class breakdowns , dance cardio, weekly menus and meal planning guides.’

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