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There is nothing more enjoyable than a slice of chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream. Although sugar and desserts can be part of a healthy and balanced diet, many of us eat more added sugar than we realize. In fact, American adults typically consume more than twice the recommended amount. One reason is that added sugars aren’t just in sweet bites, they’re also creeping into savory dishes. Ketchup, salad dressings, and pre-made sauces are just a few common sources of added sugar. While I won’t be avoiding added sugars forever, a week without added sugars sounds good to me. So this week, I’m turning to recipes with no added sugar but still plenty of flavor.

Your weekly plan

Sunday: Grilled Peach Brie Smothered Chicken
Monday: Walnut pesto pasta salad
White bean soup with tomato and shrimp
Wednesday: Pork chops with creamy mushroom sauce
Thursday: Salmon salad with roasted red pepper quinoa
Garlic and lemon chicken with green beans

Sunday: Grilled peach and chicken smothered in brie

Peaches, like all fruits, naturally contain sugar, but there is nothing to worry about, as the fruit also provides nutrients such as fiber, which helps stabilize blood sugar, as well as rich vitamins and minerals in antioxidants. Here, peaches, brie, and tarragon dress chicken breast for a delicious grilled dish. For a well-rounded meal, I’ll pair it with marinated and grilled zucchini planks, which I’ll marinate while I prepare the chicken.

Monday: Walnut pesto pasta salad

Spring always calls for pasta salads, and I’m excited to make this recipe this week. Vegetables like tomatoes and red peppers provide antioxidants to help control inflammation. Also, use whole wheat pasta instead of the usual fiber boost for a satisfying vegetarian meal. To serve on the side, I’ll make a cucumber and avocado salad. While the side salad calls for lime juice, I’ll probably just use the leftover lemon from the pasta salad.

Tuesday: White bean soup with tomato and shrimp

My weekly menu is not complete without soup even during the summer here in Texas. For easy preparation and cleanup afterward, this recipe is made in one pot. Shrimp is full of essential minerals like iodine and selenium and is low in saturated fat, making it a great heart-healthy food. The capers and olives add a delicious savory flavor, and the parsley topping adds a fresh touch. I’ll pair this soup with a toasted whole wheat baguette with a drizzle of olive oil, which is perfect for dipping into the broth.

Wednesday: Pork chops with creamy mushroom sauce

Creamy dips are always a winner when it comes to comfort and convenience, which is what I need on hump day. This recipe has a rich umami flavor enhanced by the mix of mushrooms, which provide anti-inflammatory and gut-healthy properties. To round out the meal, I’ll serve the ribs over a bed of steamed cauliflower, which is an easy way to get more veggies in.

Thursday: Salmon salad with roasted red pepper quinoa

One thing I love about this recipe is that it’s ready in 15 minutes, from start to finish. When trying to reduce my added sugar intake, I rely on foods that naturally have a lot of flavor. Fat content increases the taste of food. That’s why foods high in healthy fats, like salmon, don’t need too much processing to taste delicious. And the roasted peppers and cilantro add a hint of fiber in addition to beautiful bright colors.

Friday: Lemon-garlic chicken with green beans

Whenever I want to make something delicious in an instant, I rely on simple yet flavorful ingredients like lemon and garlic. And to reduce the cooking time even further, this recipe calls for chicken ribs, which cook quite quickly; in about 6 minutes. This meal provides 27 grams of protein to help me feel satisfied. Heat precooked quinoa to serve on the side, which provides an additional 4 grams of protein per half-cup serving.

I wish you all a good week and I hope you enjoy this dinner. If you try a recipe, remember to add a review.

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