Centr Launches Power Shred Strength Training Program Designed To Help Everyone Build Muscle And Lose Fat The Healthy Way

Centr, the wellness company founded by actor Chris Hemsworth that combines digital experiences and fitness equipment to empower people around the world on their wellness journey, today announced the debut of a new 14-week program, Power Shred. Designed to help its global community build lean muscle and reduce body fat in a safe and healthy way, Power Shred combines expert guidance, structured training and integrated cardio exercises suitable for all body types and fitness levels.

Power Shred combines strength training and cardiovascular exercises along with a caloric deficit, essential for fat loss. Because nutrition is key when it comes to weight loss, Centr has unveiled its most comprehensive nutrition guide ever, including tips on timing, supplements, hunger and carb cycling. Plus, Power Shred includes mental training and recovery tips like a pre-cardio mind pump, a pre-workout pep talk to help everyone find their focus, energy and mental strength.

Centr Power Shred supports the brands commitment to democratize wellness by providing access to expert-backed digital content and premium fitness equipment that helps everyone live their best life. The program focuses on building strong, lean muscles at a time when strength training has become a leading health trend and a critical component to improving longevity and overall fitness. In fact, recent industry trends highlight that 60% of respondents incorporate strength training into their routine to feel stronger and extend their lifespan.

For half a decade, I have been working closely with Centr to design the most comprehensive programming to help our global community achieve their goals and live their best lives, said Luke Zocchi, Head Coach at Centr and Personal Trainer to the founder of Centr Chris Hemsworth. Power Shred is an amazing program that has been carefully developed to help people build lean muscle, while safely losing unwanted weight. In addition to exceptional strength, cardio and mindset training tips, Power Shred offers the most comprehensive nutrition guide offering delicious recipes to fuel our members as they work to transform their bodies and minds.


Power Shred offers a holistic approach to shredding, focusing on strength training, cardio and nutrition. The program is structured with progressive training days targeting different muscle groups and includes cardio sessions for high intensity interval training (HIIT/HIRT) along with open cardio days. Thanks to Centrs integrated wellness ecosystem, members can unlock the benefits of this program from the comfort of their home or gym using the Centr app.

Additional key features of Power Shred include:

  • Tailored Nutrition: Given the importance of nutrition in the shredding process, Power Shred includes Centrs most comprehensive nutritional guidance to date. The Centr app offers new insights from our experts on customizing calorie deficits and making necessary adjustments throughout the program, providing customization to fit your health journey. Additionally, the program introduces new recipes designed to target specific macros, essential for maintaining progress throughout the program.
  • Structured Training: Led by Luke Zocchi and Ingrid Clay, this 14-week program offers progressive training and flexible workouts for all fitness levels. It also includes specific muscle training, cardiovascular integration and optional mobility days.
  • Expert Advice and Mental Strategies: Our experts also offer expert guidance on timing, supplementation, hunger management, carb cycling, mental training and recovery techniques.
  • Safe and Effective Approach: Unlike many other shredding programs, Power Shred prioritizes safe fat loss and muscle preservation through strength training, cardio and a caloric deficit, resulting in a steady and safe percent reduction of body fat and improving muscle definition. In addition, the program facilitates the growth of muscle mass for people with less mass or maintenance for those with more mass.

Those looking to build their ultimate home gym can incorporate the best-in-class Centrs fitness equipment featured in the Power Shreds Home Program. From a multi-adjustable training bench to the adjustable Smart Stack 50 dumbbells that get heavier as you get stronger, each product has been carefully designed for form and function.

Center equipment for beginners and intermediates

Equipment Center for Advanced

Discover the full range of Centrs premium equipment at Shop.Centr.com. Centrs fitness accessories and strength equipment also come with a free three-month digital subscription. To learn more about Centr and the Centr Power Shred program, go to Centr.com.

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